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Alchemeet Summary – first of many (Nov. 5, 2013)


How much of yourself are you willing to give to achieve deep transformation? Are you willing to “cut off your legs”? I’ll explain my symbolic missing legs and what I’m willing to sacrifice for my deep work—and why!—and then I’d like to hear from you. Are you willing to be brave for the spiritual realizations you seek?

This Alchemeet’s subject was about doing Deep Work: how we approach transformation, what we’re willing to give up for it, why we are willing to give up parts of ourself for it, and how that process looks to each of us. There was discussion of how/when we recognize the need to do some brutal limb trimming (metaphysically), the fear inherent in such an act, and how we sculpt anew the person we become through this process.

Many named what limb was theirs to struggle with, how it felt, and what its absence would potentially look/feel like. We talked of how Deep Work not only shift us, but shifts things in our life in new and unexpected ways. Sometimes the unexpected ways are world shattering. Going in we know that we will be changed when we come out on the other side, but how that will look in our day-to-day lives is widely varied. The things that no longer serve us disintegrate and sometimes that means jobs are lost and relationships ended. The impact is staggering and yet we continue to do it.

We spoke of the fear that surrounds the deep work of shifting ourselves and our world and it seemed unanimous (was it? it could just be my biased filter thinking so) that doing the hard work of becoming more our authentic selves was worth all of it. It was, is, worth the effort, the losses, and the changes that occur within it. For some the process itself is where they draw great worth from it regardless of the outcome.

(Then we all got cookies. You should have been there. Yay cookies! Ok, we did not all get cookies, but only because I couldn’t get them through the wireless device. But we should have gotten cookies! We also learned that baths are holy, showers are patriarchal, and the value of sleep can never be overrated. <—— Yes, we had humour, too. Combining mirth and reverence is one of our specialties.)

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated and thoughtfully opened their hearts and shared with people they didn’t know. I am honoured  and humbled to be witness to that level of honesty. May you be Blessed.

The next Alchemeet will be in December and hosted by Helaena. Time and subject to be announced so stay tuned to this site for details!

This post originally appeared at Infinitesimal Significance (two big words spelled correctly).

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