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More Yule Photo Contest!

Ahhh .. more of Labrys’ Yule photos

Bowl of light Winking Sun Jack Frost Guarding the window

Yule contest!

Solstice at Labrys’ home. See more photos at her blog.

Yule Contest!

I apologize for the lateness of this, but so everyone has a full week to enter this contest the drawing for this will occur on Monday December 23rd. Entries need to be received by midnight Sunday December 22nd. Have fun! The contest entry for Yule should be a photo that you have taken of any sort or […]

Feeding the Soul

One thing I’ve noticed as a common thread through those who have been initiated is a noticeable heels-dug-in attitude of no longer being satisfied with lots of filler or meaningless junk taking up life’s time. Feeding the soul becomes a huge part of The Work. Shifting and sorting, tossing out the useless and carving space […]

Beliefs, doubt, skepticism, and unseen beings

This is a fabulous episode. I get that I feel this way because she is voicing my already held beliefs, so yeah, it is easy to agree with oneself. And yet …. excellent stuff. Discover Spirituality Internet Radio with BlackHeart Feri Radio on BlogTalkRadio