Samhain Sabbat Contest Winner!

The randomly selected winner, sent in by Tim:




Samhain used to be just

Hallow’s Eve,

When Mom would unwind

Words from books and

Sew them back together into skin

For me to lash onto my own

Pretending I was something else,

The same as every day


But Samhain was the night

When everyone was someone else

Familiar strangers to ourselves

Disguised, but

Recognized by neighbors

Who knew the stories we wore


These days it’s harder

To escape from myself

Because I wear my costume

Every day,

And rarely think of saints.

We’re all saints,

So All Saints Day

Is for us all


A Saint is a just a Ghost welcomed in;

Disguised in the human suit

It wore in life,

Or clothed in family folklore,

Wondering why we won’t

Take off our silly skins.


The truth is,

We wouldn’t recognize each other

If we did

Costumes are more familiar


Congratulations, Tim!

2 comments on “Samhain Sabbat Contest Winner!

  1. Although random, this is a beautiful thing to share!

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