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Transformative camp in the Reclaiming tradition

Are you seeking personal and community transformation? Wishing to take a peek at the shadows that live in the corners of your soul? Explore, go deep, and touch the best hidden parts of you. Some you may want to turn inside out. Some you may choose to leave be and lovingly accept as an integral part of Who You Are. Whatever you choose you will have the full support of the camp. You transformation is in your reach at SpiralHeart Summer Intensive, July 21-27, 2013 held at 4 Quarters Farm, PA. <— This is the Facebook page as their web site is temporarily down due to hacking.

We will be weaving ourselves through a folk fairy tale with Dragon and Hummingbird center stage. We’ll be pulling energies from our ancestors and descendants. We will sing, dance, chant, trance, and feast. We will raise energy and we will raise the roof (well, treetops, anyway). We will laugh. Lots. Come join us! Registration info and online forms are here.

$575 gets you housing, meals, snacks, your choice of 1 out of 4 paths, small group time with your affinity group, woods, creek, indoor or outdoor bath houses, large group fabulous nightly rituals, a talent show, a live auction, a silent auction, special offerings during free time voluntarily led and attended by campers, and an experience you relive happily in memory for years to come.

First time campers get all of the above for just $375! If you have not attended since 2008 you get the first time camper rate! Share this good news with your co-religionists! All are welcome!

P.S. I am part of the ritual arc team this year and we’ve crafted some amazing rituals for you!

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