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Registration is OPEN for Spiralheart’s summer intensive!


Witchcamp description and link for registration

Camp Intention: 
We know we must shift or our world will die. Tough as the hummingbird, fierce as the dragon, we step into shadow and emerge with gold. 

July 20-27, 2013
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
Artemas, PA

What you can expect at camp

Mornings are for Exploration.
 You’ll choose a path* to concentrate upon from a variety of offerings, ranging from introductory to advanced skills-work. Your path facilitators, through a variety of methods, will assist your development of a deep connection with the Earth and your companions.

*Current path offerings:

Shadow Path: Know yourself in all your parts
The Feri prayer says, "I would know myself in all my parts." Using shadow work techniques we will delve into patterns and beliefs about who we think we are and who we cannot or must not be. We will experiment with some of our many modes: our essential wild nature, our relationship to others as social animals, and our relationship to our divine self, the Black Heart that lies within each of us: Core Worth, Authentic Self.

Music Path
Ritual drummers, singers, instrumentalists are priestesses of the magic, not mere support staff. In this path, we will teach each other how to facilitate a ritual’s workings through the use of sound. Learn ro read the group energy during a cone of power so that drumming and singing contribute to the energy without actively directing it.

Shape-Shirting: Finding our right size
Throughout the long ages there have been many myths, legends, and stories of Shape-shifters. They appear in vastly different cultures and spiritual traditions all across the world. This path will offer us a chance to begin to explore the why and how of Shape-shifting magic and how we might use Shape-shifting to find and maintain our own "right size" as we go about our daily lives.

Elements of Magic
With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Techniques include: visualization, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and planning rituals.

Afternoons are for Reflection. You’ll be able to talk about what you’re experiencing with the members of your affinity group. You’ll hike through lush woodlands, or bask in the warming sun. And you’ll have opportunities to learn new skills and crafts.

Evenings are for Celebration. You’ll join with the rest of the camp as we co-create a living, vibrant community through rich, deeply moving ritual planned by our ritual arc team, based on the week’s intention and sharing of the ongoing work from the various paths.


Tenting is the primary housing accommodation at Four Quarters. There are limited indoor accommodations, including a wheelchair accessible dorm, which accommodates up to 16 individuals in bunks and is located in the campgrounds near a bathhouse. Two bathhouses with flush toilets and hot showers are located in the campgrounds. If you need help preparing too camp, SpiralHeart has a limited number of loaner tents and equipment available. In addition, volunteers can help set up and take down your tent. SpiralHeart is committed to providing assistance to those who wish to attend but need some help in making their housing work.

Who will share your experience

We Encourage And Celebrate Diversity. So, you can expect to share your week with people of all races, sexes, lifestyles and sexual orientations. The only restriction to participation is a minimum age of 18; and, further, SpiralHeart reserves the right to refuse attendance to anyone the organization feels may threaten the physical and/or magical safety of another attendee.


You will receive complete directions to camp after you register. If you can’t drive to camp, we may be able to find you a ride from someone in your area. More likely, you’ll take a plane, train, or bus to the D.C. area and we’ll find you a ride from there.

Please note: Due to the intense Magic of Witchcamp, Spiralheart is an intentionally drug and alcohol free community.

If you have questions about camp,or for specific information relative to personal needs email info@spiralheart.org .


There are limited scholarships and 2 work study slots available. First come, first serve basis.

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