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And Everything Rolled Up, into One

I didn’t know the full extent of what I was pledging when I said, "I shall be Brigid’s well." I doubt I’ve learnt it yet. But — but — it felt so natural. So a "duh" extension of what I’ve been doing and what I am cultivating this year in my community. Be The Well. The temporary yet steadfast vessel of Her and of All. Let if fall into me, seep up from the ground springs, Fill Me. Then release it, to those who want it, need it, thirst for it. Release it by the cupful or bucketful. Evaporate it to the atmosphere to be dispersed. 


Funny thing about wells. Algae can grow on the edges, on the walls. Sticky stucky stuff of old. It forms and releases, forms and releases. Sometimes we need a scrub brush to loosen it, help it along you see.


I pulled out my Magical Scrub Brush™ (aka ritual) this morning. I awoke with not the details but the feelings left over by my dreams. Strong, hard, deeply sad tendrils drifting from my sleeping mind to my waking mind. Sticky stucky stuff.


I read an article posted by a friend on Facebook. (Hat tip to [personal profile] droops ) I nodded as I read. I knew this so very well. I felt its truth rumble down through my bones and swirl in my soul.


It was time to release, forgive others and self. It was time to scrub, and hard. We are called to do what we know, what we do well, and what works. We are called to be responsible for Self. We are called to be such so we can honor our responsibility to our communities. The large and wide out in the world one. The smaller one we keep in close of family and friends. The wee one we carry everywhere of our magical family. We are called.


I pulled out a white candle and coated it with an oil blend. I ground my herb mix and rolled the candle in it. I cast, and invited. I lit an incense disk and dropped the blend onto it. I played music. I sang and wept. I sang and drummed. I sang and danced.


The candle burned out and the incense turned black with use. The music stopped and I breathed, deeply. I had scrubbed my edges clean, prepping Self to pass on the waters of skill and knowledge and Love that comes through me in the manner only I can pass it on.


Start with Self and move outward. Always, always, begin within. "I shall be Brigid’s well."


I shall be Brigid’s well.


So mote it be, shalom, amen, om shanti, ashe.

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