Where I’ve been – not dead

 (Merely sporting the death warmed over look that MontiLee so adores painting her characters in. Online long enough to post this, then I’ll not be posting again until I’m a bit better. Hope all is well with all of you and if I’ve missed important news you’d like me to know please post it to me or point me to it and I’ll respond.)

What’s a severe lung infection with a really bad attitude? Most call it pneumonia. By the hard ache in the lower half of my lungs and the bone crushing fatigue accompanying it I’d say that’s what I had. As I didn’t seek an official diagnosis we’ll call it the worst lung infection I’ve ever had. I’ll leave out the lovely details. You’re welcome. T’would have been a benefit to have keyed in on the fact that the symptoms my body were exhibiting were illness before the end of the 3rd day – might have had a lesser run of it – but that was not the case.

I’ve treated my lung infections at home for so long I can’t remember when I started. They became yearly visitors when I was a smoker. On occasion I’d visit the doc for antibiotics if it wouldn’t clear up with my treatments, but even back in my smoking days I could rid it rather quickly. In those days the cough hung on regardless of antibiotic usage.Then I stopped getting them when I (mostly) stopped smoking. I thought that was fair – it was after all one of the big reasons I quit. I didn’t restart smoking this year, not when FIL died and not through the craziness of the wedding, and yet here it came. Bloody hell! Stupid opportunistic germs. Some sort of payback with my lungs thumbing its nose (um, just go with that) at me in residual punishment for the years of coating its perfect pink insides with tar, I imagine. I hope I’ve done my time now because this sucked rather a lot.

I can tell you that 3 gallons of Gatorade and your own bed is far preferable to an IV and a hospital bed having done that route a long time ago. If you have chronic lung issues, are infirm, very young or elderly then I don’t recommend skipping the "going to your doctor" part, but for me – skip skip skip! There are limited antibiotics I can take and I’d rather save them for when they must be used to actually save me, as opposed to convenience. Plus I was far too weak to drive. That I managed the short drive home Sunday night from work can only be attributed to Divine intervention.

So, that’s where I’ve been mostly. First working while unknowingly ill, then a shift while knowingly ill, but no way out of it, then recovering. The kids were on alert if needed for transport for medical help and after the second day of "not able to leave the bed for more than 10 minutes" and getting all hurty from lying about I decided if the fevers came back or the lungs chunked up again I’d go be seen. Neither of those things occurred and I am upright today and was for a decent slot of time yesterday. My strength is 50% back and my lungs if not completely clear will be in a few days.

BagelDog guarded me the entire time, bless her wee Yorkie heart. Even ForestCat came and hung out keeping an eye on me. Tonight I may move back from the guest room to my more comfy bed. We’ll see how I feel tonight. I think I need to up the health ante of my lifestyle to avoid future happenings of this nature. I’ll be needing to stay healthy seeing as how a new family member will be arriving this year. Recently wed OlderBoy apparently consummated the marriage thoroughly as he and GeckoGirl have conspired to create a pregnancy. I’m pulling for a girl. GeckoGirl would rather birth an elephant and prefers a boy. A new baby in the family! A new soul to corrupt! Whhheeeee!!!!! *happy dance*  [new pregnancy ended abruptly as they often do]

P.S. The damn house fairies took a vacation while I was sick, too. The place needs cleaned and the damned Yule tree and decorations are still up!

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2 comments on “Where I’ve been – not dead

  1. Hi, ACK, not much else to add. 😀

  2. “ACK” is pretty spot on. 🙂

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