Gratitude Project – for abilities that never fail

Today was a bit of a rough one at work. Much angst and other emotions flying around full tilt wild and swirling ~ and I just caught the edges of it and *whoosh swish* dropped it into the ground. Calm and centered throughout the day.

"Is this in my control?" Nope. "Ok, not mine." *whoosh* "Are there guns involved?" Nope? "Ok!" *swish*

Not ‘fixable’ (not mine to fix); give it up to the Universe to carry through what needs to be carried through; roots to drop the rest.

One of the most insane days in a very long time and I moved through it w/o the stress, w/o the taking on what is not mine, and even w/o a lunch – lol. I got in my car at the end of the night, slipped off my shoes, opened the moon roof, turned on the music and thrilled to the level of peace within me.

Good practices, good spirituality, good day. ~soft smile~

*whoosh swish*

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5 comments on “Gratitude Project – for abilities that never fail

  1. i take much the same attitude at work.
    “the work will get done by the end of the day. im not going to stress myself out over a few baths getting done later in the day”

  2. This is great advise for anyone. And surprisingly, I have been doing a bit of this myself….little bits here and there. Reading your words let me realize I do this more than I think I do…however, I need to find the energy to balance Wonder Woman syndrome.

    Le’sigh. Why? Because I have become she…not that I ever wanted that role…not sure what the Universe has in store for me.

    woosh swish. lol

  3. I Love my *whoosh swish*! I felt it the perfect descriptor for the feeling of the doing. 😀

    You may need to buy a different colored cloak if you’re going to play at Wonder Woman. Perhaps a change in role to match the cloaks you already own? 😉

  4. *nod*

    We had a VERY angry customer to start the day with. I used to get all bent around anger and its wash-over and aftermath. Today I felt nearly untouched. It was awesome!

  5. There is a red crushed velvet one in my future. 😉


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