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Almost this time last year, add two months (gratitude project)

The Universe gifted me with a safe space a couple of times per week. It was unexpected, uncanny for where it occurred, and needed and delightful for its effects. The Web shakes the strings and what is needed arrives. Even when what is needed is not known. For someone with my past I cannot overstate the value of a place of complete safety and trust. Never before in such a manner and perhaps never again, but it changed me in ways that still reverberate. Being unmasked yet unafraid … I wondered at it and also wondered if ‘normal’ people got to walk through their life with this feeling a lot. If they had regular spaces and places where it lived, breathing and waiting for them, a refuge. I was at times a bit wistful.

I carry the memory with me and pull the feeling from it whenever I can, whenever I need. It is harder to do now. Not as easy to conjure as it was, but I awoke this morning with it lingering there, gentle reminder of possibilities, of Things Greater Than. Lovely knowledge that some people can make my world better simply by being themselves in their world.

Maybe it was the weather that prompted the smile on awakening, so Autumn-like is today. Maybe it’s that this year’s Shadow Work has thoroughly revealed itself a bit earlier this year than last. Perhaps it is that this year’s Work appears even more terrifying than last year’s. Who’d-a-thunk-it? But. It is what it is. Life reveals Itself every chance It gets. And wacky me will run into this Dark Year with open arms the same as I did last year, trusting the process while not knowing the outcome, without the safety net. *tremble*

So … Love and Blessings to my last year’s safe space. May I be able to continue to conjure the memory and pull that feeling into this year’s Work. Forever indebted to you, grateful grateful grateful.

This was not originally a ‘gratitude project’ post, but now it is so the title gets an edit. 

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