So, just so you all can poke me if I get slow

or procrastinate … *cough*. As of yesterday I started my year of study/training with Pandora in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition. Firstly is studying a bunch of Goddesses since I don’t know much of them and really choosing someone to work with other than Yemaya or whomever the star Goddess is on my wall? Not happening. Oh, I suppose I could make it happen. I’ve had some inklings in the past that never went further than "Her" which I associated with …. the One on my wall. :P~

Anyhoo – each Sabbat brings research into certain Goddesses and a rite for each Sabbat. And each of the moon phases (though not all of them in every month) from waxing to full to waning to dark to new and associated Goddesses.

And a daily practice – I mean a for real one as opposed to do it for a number of weeks, slack off, do it for awhile, slack again, which is my custom.

And …. what else …. read the two other Feri books I have and read the Interior Castle by St. Teresa.

So, busy year. And the Full Moon is right around the corner.

I’ll take transformation for $2000, Alex. 😉

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7 comments on “So, just so you all can poke me if I get slow

  1. Wow. We haven’t really talked at all, have we. I had no idea you were training with her–only the iron pentacle class.

    I wish I had the time. Le’Sigh. She is such a wonderful woman.

  2. Because of how we got on especially with the IP workshops it became obvious to both of us that we are “kin” in the craft. The IP workshops went through the last days with your mum so I was silent.

    But – we have time to catch up as your life settles some more, yes? *g*

    edited to separate 2 words that wanted to cling to each other. 😉

  3. Oh, yes, that part of my life was just a little distracting. ::falls over::

    I’d love to work with her. Priestessing has been something I’ve neglected a bit this last year and a half.

    This year I want to get that damn book finished and spend some quality time with Jimi–he’ll be 8 next month and has never really come into his potential due to moi. ::pets pony gently::

  4. *pets Jimi with you*

    She is amazing to work with. I

  5. I hear ya, sista–I am longing for more as well. I miss our little threesome.

  6. I miss our little threesome.

    *giggles uncontrollably in a very adolescent way*

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