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Color weeks – Orange – Life is Funny

So last week was orange. I know my focus was way off with turmoil in the family, but I didn’t think too much of it since orange and I are pretty neutral. It’s ok, not great. Orange candles are for change, but I think of justice for their use. Oranges smell nice, but seem too much work for the eating result. Which is funny since I don’t think pomegranates are. But I wasn’t seeing orange around as the week went on by. I tried to move to yellow this week – which I adore – and that wasn’t happening, either. So today I was talking about my lack of success with orange, thinking I may have to revisit it.

I’m on my way to work this afternoon and orange. is. everywhere. Ridiculous. Most of it was there last week, too, and somehow escaped my notice. School buses and double lines on the roadway. Little pipe things owned by utilities sticking up out of yards. The casings around traffic lights for crying out loud. Everywhere. And I knew orange was laughing at me. :P~

So, orange wins for the rest of the week. Making it a week and a half. Greedy orange.

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