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For those following along – Iron Pentacle class, final

The final class is today. We did power last week with another group trance. It is a weird thing ~ to go down but keep that verbal connection "up". We did go deeper, but it didn’t feel deeper until after we were back up and I was freezing cold. Again. It was interesting and good though. The other 2 seemed to be getting the same thing from the person we met down there, me – I got another ’cause that just seems to be how it goes. They were all about the nightingale in the cage that was there, too. Me?I observed the cage with the open door, the bird, and thought, "eh, no interest to me." ha! Mine was about focusing. First I was flitting around like the 4 y/o his first time out in the wild without tethers. But the old teacher looking guy literally forced me to focus on him and stop with the kid-like distractions.

So it is. I will be training with Pandora in her particular path of Reclaiming/Feri and it is good.

This also answers the question of what – 6-9 months ago – of "Gah! What does she want with me?" Oh nothing except apparently we are a sort of kin, known before and again. <—- That awareness was developing over the time, for me anyway.  Excited and also that level of .. fear is not quite the right word, but it will have to do as I’m not doing the clear thinking really well at the moment.

And oh – last class!! It was open, and we were going to run it for Pandora, but ditched that idea based on how the other classes have gone and she is going to touch on the Black Heart of Innocence! Yay!!

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