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IP homework

Going well. All aspects improving. Another piece of the homework was to say yourself throughout the day "I dreamt I <insert something you actually had that day"… it is an exercise in altering reality. This is not hard for me, though the first few time is of  saying, "I dreamt I…." felt awkward. It was wonderful to […]

IP homework

We do the work, we reap the benefits. Crazy stuff going on at work, big changes, now maybe revoked, at the very least put on hold for about 10 days, perhaps on hold for 90 days, maybe forever. We do the work, we reap the benefits. So weary, not in the mood, scattered energy (yeah, […]

Second IP class complete

Fucking awesome. Really and truly. We discussed our week, our ease or lack thereof of running the IP. And our homework, both assignments. We ran the IP, talked about Self. Then we did a companion self trance. <—— this part was the fucking awesome. Deep and meaningful. The type of stuff that just lingers with […]

IP homework

So last night it took me awhile to settle and ground beforehand. Of course that is irritating so then it takes longer blah blah ha! Anyway, once settled it went more smoothly than previous times. I pulled from the sky to my center and up from the earth and "shot" the energy out from center […]

IP homework

Just a quick update to say "Yes, it is improving daily." Sleepy or would have details. Short version – nice warm glowy forehead today. Sweet! 🙂 This entry was originally posted at Please comment here or there there using your LJ ID or OpenID.

IP homework

Better. Much better. Smoother, brighter, not so sluggish. Some things still dimmer, but not such a contrast. It takes longer to get there than I wish, but boohoo on me for lack of patience. :P~I think when I do some other homework this part will obviously be easier because opening the channels in other ways.So in a […]

IP homework

Like all good homework it is both easy and hard. Run the Iron Pentacle once per day. So, at the class "getting there" was not so hard when you have a good guide who helps with her energy. At home ~cough~ harder. The phone beeps, the dog licks, the cat looks pissed. Anne said she […]

First Iron Pentacle class complete

It is good. And interesting. And I’m happy I waited for a teacher. I know I can learn it on my own, but I know the tool will be much more quickly useful learning it this way and any questions I can bounce off of someone other than myself. Touching base, in communion with others, tapping the energy with […]

First Iron Pentacle class is today!

Leaving shortly and so excited! W00t! This entry was originally posted at Please comment here or there there using your LJ ID or OpenID.

More than 4 years ago

Estara T’Shirai read, worked the exercises, and reviewed "Goddess Initiations" by   Francesca De Grandis. She gave it a decent nod, so I am starting it. It is a "takes a year" book and and is pulled from the tradition of The Third Road®. The book appears to make it "any user" friendly, perhaps a little […]