Yanked from author elfwreck — Llewiccan RedeCode

Posted to my flist for those who didn’t get to read it, why yes, musiquephan, this mean you!

Llewiccan RedeCode

1. All paths are valid, except the ones that have rules.

2. Wiccans never use curses, except on really mean people who totally deserve it.

3. The Threefold Law affects everyone, whether they believe in it or not; however, this is not to be taken to mean that Hell will affect everyone whether they believe in it or not.

4. The most important thing for Witches in the public eye to do is to disavow any connection with Satanism.

5. Karma can be summoned, directed, intensified, or averted entirely by saying the right words at the end of your spells. Except by mean people, who can’t do any of these things.

6. Sex and Blood are the forbidden topics.

7. No religion, sect, lineage or coven is allowed to restrict its membership in a way that might be considered discriminatory. But they don’t have to allow Satanists.

8. All magickal groups are called “covens.”

9. Initiation is a formal ceremony, like a graduation. All it means is that you’re officially recognized by a group.

10. All Mysteries are available to everyone. Drugs or certain physical conditions are never necessary.

11. Everyone’s experiences and opinions are equally valid, equally correct in all ways. Except the Satanists, who are Christians in denial.

12. The experience, skill and wisdom of a witch is measured by how many books she has read. Writing a book on Wicca (or a related topic) puts one ahead of any amount of reading or practical in-circle experience.

13. You may be as mean as you want to anyone who violates the code… it’s their Karma.

Additional Bonus rule; insert after any one or three of the rules above:
Never again the Burning Times!!!!

(Kopyleft 2004. All rights reversed; reprint what you like.)

6 comments on “Yanked from author elfwreck — Llewiccan RedeCode

  1. Interesting….I don’t think I agree with some (many) of the points, but I do agree with: Never againg the Burning Times.

    • It’s satire. You were not meant to agree with the points! :P~

      It is Elf classic, though. lol

    • Also wanted to add since you do not know most of my internet group, LLewellyn is often referred to as publishing McWicca books (thus the LLewwiccan in Elf’s title) and ones whose main point is the ability to sell with no regard to historical fact, proper practices, etc. Most of them within the last decade or two. Historical accuracy is a Big Thing™ in the group I run with online. Books published before full facts were known and future retractions from said authors fall into another category (a more respected one) than the one that $RW occupies. Just thought you could use a reference for where it was coming from and since you seem to think a lot of the same ways (sex and blood in rite does not equal evil/bad) I thought you’d get a giggle. Sorry I forgot to give you the perspective first.

  2. *snerk* Love it. Elf is great.

  3. Wow, I actually missed this.

    I miss Elf when she’s gone. Is she back yet?

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