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Gratitude Project – for sex!

Which needs no explanation. A good day (yesterday technically) that ended with a ….. okay, I won’t be that obvious. It is after midnight so this is counting for Sunday’s gratitude even though it is almost cheating to do it now. But now is when I have the boy’s laptop. And the desktop upstairs is […]

Gratitude project – for protection plans

Smartphone, laptop, eyeglasses. The only 3 things I buy them for. Trackpad being replaced on the laptop. (Did I break it by banging on it being angry on the Internet?? Hahaha) 3-5 days. Posting from the phone a PITA.. But grateful nonetheless. 🙂 This entry was originally posted at http://pj.dreamwidth.org/313512.html. Please comment here or there […]

Gratitude Project – for faithful friends with level heads

 To you, my dear Mattie. For understanding the "wail-y wail-y" while beating my chest against institutional privilege breathed out by others who’ve known nothing but relative financial comfort. You remained calm and focused. For a gentle reminder without using those words that it is not my job to fix the world. My energy has limits, […]

Almost this time last year, add two months (gratitude project)

The Universe gifted me with a safe space a couple of times per week. It was unexpected, uncanny for where it occurred, and needed and delightful for its effects. The Web shakes the strings and what is needed arrives. Even when what is needed is not known. For someone with my past I cannot overstate […]

Gratitude Project – twisted creativity

 Always out of the loop on anything generally in the "pop culture" category, or "classic" category, or "cult" entertainment category for that matter – hhhmmm … okay, out of the loop me had never seen, read, nor was even aware of the story of _Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf_. For those who are aware of […]

Gratitude Project – for lack of hardcore earthquakes

 East Coast gets their own forms of natural disasters which rarely include earthquakes. Today was different, but even where part of a building went down in D.C. it appears no injuries, just a lot of "did the earth move for you, too" jokes and this graphic Grateful for not having to deal with more tragedy […]