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There are a thousand ways to practice magic

Breathing Hate: When a mother turns on her child
(alternate title: birthing a bisexual)
(alternate alternate title: FOAD)

I breath in hate,
and expel it with my breath, transformed;
Injustice pulled in, boiling my blood;
Hope flows out,
 clearing cruelty from my vicinity.

breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out;
I have been taught to change energy this way.

Blind rage beats my temples,
pools of anguish spread to cheeks,
My slack-jawed countenance
declares my failure to comprehend;
With malicious forethought
you’ve disowned who you birthed.
I am stunned to silence.

My disgust causes bile to rise,
coating the back of my tongue,
splashing my teeth,
blistering my lips.

All the words I bite back,
All the curses I refuse to throw,
rumble and strain against my skull,
pushing for the weak spot of release.

My will becomes my spell
becomes my prayer becomes my mantra:
“May you receive all that you deserve.”

I have been taught to work magic this way.

©Pamela V Jones Sept. 2014

Originally posted at Lean in to Joy.

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