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A Highlight of Witchcamp

There were a lot of well thought out parts to Spiralheart’s Summer Witchcamp Intensive this year at Four Quarters Farm in PA. One that I enjoyed thoroughly from inception to action to residual effect was the healing circle that occurred mid week. This year was billed as a shadow year and the RATs (ritual arc team) felt a no-holds-barred approach was in the best interest of serving that purpose.

Yet the RATs didn’t want to be dangerous or irresponsible about it. We had many built-in safety features for those pushed hard into discomfort to find care. We had people from a wide range of experience both magically and in coming to witchcamps, from a first timer to long timers (decades). We had tenders and a suggested buddy system. We had a community built nest created in the opening ritual that stayed up all week. We had feedback every day and approachable staff all week. Many built-in things for self-care.

The healing circle was not a built-in. It grew organically from a perceived community need. The music path facilitators (Watersong and Dragonfly) suggested it. We practiced it in path that day then offered it to the camp at large that afternoon. It was a resounding success all around.

The premise was healing through song, sound, and touch. A welcoming place was made with blankets on the floor. If called you went to the blankets and got settled comfortably. You could request a particular musical instrument or sound or for people to do as they were moved to do. You could specify a body part or all over. You were asked if touch was okay and if you answered yes you were then asked what, if any, body parts were off limits. It was amazing and useful. When one tones or makes music or uses touch for healing it is not only the person in the center who benefits, but those who participate. What moves through you out to the world touches you first.

Anyone was welcome to partake of the center or contribute to the healing up close. They could opt to sit in the circle around the perimeter and contribute through sound or sit quietly in support. Those who didn’t attend heard of it and wished they had. Those who did attend left shifted in their being for having done so. Spontaneously conceived and lovingly done – it was one of my highlights of camp.

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