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I have ~issues~ They look like this o_O

 I sometimes have difficulty with household tasks because I get distracted. It is similar to the way I tell a story and I run right and left and diagonal tossing off tangents. I start a task and while I’m deep in it I see the next task. Far be it from me to put it next on the list. No, no – let’s start it NOW!


As you can imagine I will have 4 things going on at once. I bounce from one to the other and often if I start too late in the day one or none of them gets completed if I have anything else to do except say … go to bed that night. Today I was going to finish unpacking from vacation. The hubster of course had unpacked and done all the laundry, folded and upstairs before sundown on Sunday. I … had a nap.


I unpacked some bags of this and that and was moving along just fine. I was going to completely unpack the plastic box from Witchcamp which I’d left mostly intact to take on vacation as it seemed silly to unpack and repack when it was travel sized bottles of stuff, extra bandaids, super glue, scissors – all those things that are needed but forgotten. (I may forget to pack underwear, but we will have instant ice packs and safety pins!) I needed to shift some items in the linen closet to put away those travel goodies. The linen closet is stuffed.


There are old sheet sets that needed to be gone since we replaced the mattresses on the twin beds. Oh look – the neutral musin bed skirt! That will go well on the guest bed. And shams to match! Out comes 2 pillows, shams, bed skirt and ah yes! New sheets. A nice dark brown blanket, and contrasting gold one at the foot. Yes, yes, looks good. But hey – these boxes on the floor need a space in the bedroom closet. ~stuffed~ Okay, I’ll shift this thing to the other closet, put the boxes away – oh damn, the bed needs to be moved to the right 6 inches so it doesn’t look off balance to the eye. Ah, and the bookcase. Wait – the desk should not be in the corner! Well, if I put this thing here in the blue room … oh, that table should be turned if I’m putting that in there. Ick, the floor is dusty. *dust dust*


So you see … *cough* ISSUES! 


I did manage to move all the furniture things a few inches here and there. It is much more reasonably placed now. The linen closet did get empty spaces that I promptly filled from unpacking the box. I wandered into the boy’s bathroom and saw the sink, mirror, and toilet needed to be cleaned. *scrub scrub* Then I knew the powder room needed the *scrub scrub*, too, but time was short so it just got a *scrub*.


I then realized I still needed to shop for snacks for coven and cook dinner. Off I went to the grocery store. I grabbed some additional things that I thought of and headed for the checkout. And that is where I got behind. There was a 20 minute delay. You see, I had no bank card, or credit card, and not enough cash. WTF! The bank card was still put away from vacation. The CC (along with my driver’s license) was on the end table in the family room where I left it 2 days ago. Damndamndamn! I called the hubster and when he was done laughing he came to the store and paid. By the time I arrived back home it was 6:15. My people come at 7:30.


issues. o_O


The suitcase with my clothes? Still packed. :p

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One comment on “I have ~issues~ They look like this o_O

  1. Wait…YOUR issues? Then why did you just describe MY life? ROFLMAO.


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