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To the bloody bastards of Penn State that turned a blind eye

Here is my prayer for you:


May your nights be filled with visions of what you saw then and the pain you hear voiced in court now. May your waking moments be flooded with the clear knowing that you had the power and authority to stop a terrible crime and yet you stood by and did nothing, and more children suffered. May you live long enough to be fully aware of the impact of your greed and cowardice. May you feel it to the center of your marrow. With your last breath, may it be me who passes you to the other side.


(Brought to you by the accidental overhearing of local news coverage of the trial. May *I* someday sleep properly again w/o the visions wrought by news anchors quoting testimony for the sick public voyeurs who gasp, salivate, and lean in for more details.)

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