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Gratitude Project – for abilities that never fail

Today was a bit of a rough one at work. Much angst and other emotions flying around full tilt wild and swirling ~ and I just caught the edges of it and *whoosh swish* dropped it into the ground. Calm and centered throughout the day. "Is this in my control?" Nope. "Ok, not mine." *whoosh* […]

Circle of life ~ sometimes makes me sad

I’ve been watching the 2 gray squirrels that live in my yard, chasing each other up and down tree trunks and jumping from one tree to another, hiding their food in the one spot that looks like a grave – for almost 2 years. Earlier this evening the The Fierce Yorkie barked like mad out […]

Gratitude Project – for surprises that are well met

 My daughter planned and organized and accomplished a surprise 30th birthday party for her beau. It was lovely, well done, and full of laughter, fun and happiness, good food and good friends and family. (You will notice I judge the success of any event by the laughter, food, and company. I can even tolerate mediocre […]

Gratitude Project – for perseverance, love, and much laughter

Twenty-one years. Gah! Feels like so many fewer. *boggle* Fun times, hard times, but always worth it times. Yay for us!!!! ^5’s the hubster. [imagine a scanned wedding photo here] that I am too beat to actually scan and post. *wink* This entry was originally posted at Please comment here or there there using […]

Gratitude Project – for singing while you work

That’s it. That’s all. *grin*  This entry was originally posted at Please comment here or there there using your LJ ID or OpenID.

Gratitude Project – for sanity

 I don’t remember it feeling this ….. sane before. Maybe I never actually had it, only faked it really really well. No matter. I am happy for the settled pool of it in my core. I can dip my fingers there whenever I choose and let it drip lovingly from crown to toes. Aaaahhhhhh ……. […]

That open arms running into the Shadow Work this year?

*cough* Watch me fold my arms across my chest, tilt my head and give a sideways glance.  I may need a vise to open these suckers soon. If only the first of my life had been as lovely the last of my life ~ that sounds like I’m dying. Which I’m not. (Of course I […]