Color weeks – Red was … different

The week started with passionate fury that was tamped down fairly quickly by action. That working is on hold while I await some herbs that there were not subs for. Then it moved to passionate creativity and that is when I decided I would work on opening an Etsy shop. It will take me a bit longer than some of my friends’ shops did because I don’t even have any copy written. I was always in person for explaining the workings. The part I *love* in what I do is putting together custom workings for folks so we’ll see how that part takes off. I hope to eventually be able to quit my part-time job so I am only doing what I love. <—– see the goal? It is a good goal.

It was also a week of high emotion. No watery blue emotion. Nope. Deep passionate emotions. Exhausting. Was avoiding red by Friday. lololol

And red was power. Not only my power, but everyone’s and the Universe’s power. Consuming power is a good phrase for it.

So I thought I would move on to blue. Seemed a good idea after red. However during the journey at Imbolc that changed. We did a journey to meet with our animal spirit guide. It’s been quite a long time since I did that, but when I emerged into the lower world it looked exactly as it did the last time. For me it is all very light blues ~~ very very light blues, with some grays a bit of black. It is a cave, with a light blue pond, some banks around the pond, some stalactites and stalagmites.

No spirit animal guide for me this time, but a person. And the color immediately went to red when she showed up. The water, the air, the rock formations, dripping flowing red, but light enough to see through. Blood red. The blood of life. And then it switched to brown and she told me that was the next color. "Told" is the wrong word, but information was exchanged. So. There ya go. This week’s color is brown.

Brown is stability and strength and warm and soft. We’ll see how this one goes by the end of the week. 😉

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2 comments on “Color weeks – Red was … different

  1. Don’t you just love those messages, how they come through and all?

  2. I do. *smile* There was more, but none of it was words or images, just info and/or knowledge – hard to describe. The journey was a bit too long for me. I came back early.

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