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IP homework

So last night it took me awhile to settle and ground beforehand. Of course that is irritating so then it takes longer blah blah ha! Anyway, once settled it went more smoothly than previous times. I pulled from the sky to my center and up from the earth and "shot" the energy out from center to my limbs and head, then proceeded from there. That worked fairly well.

So today, I did my other stuff (not from the IP class) first, before running the IP, thinking that might help open channels for me. First I did the ritual from Goddess Initiations. The first month of work is fairly simple as far as completing it. The ritual is a double one and both are fairly quick. And it repeats week 3 and 4. The first week was no more than "don’t think about the word initiation". Seeing as how she is using the word so very differently than I do, this was not a problem :P~  This admonition remains for the following weeks of month one and may continue until the end of the 12th month, but I didn’t look ahead.

The first ritual began with identifying one "block" that keeps you from being the self you want to be, then sending it to your special healing star. It continued from there and was quite lovely. The second was Mother’s Milk and very loving to Self. These are the 2 that repeat for 2 more weeks.

Then I did another piece of IP homework, which was to engage in an "art hour". This originally was only assigned to the other woman and when I verified that was the case of course I was told to do it, too. No surprise as my teacher is a professor at a local university and you know how they are. *snicker*

So, on the East wall of my altar room leans my father’s easel. I grabbed a small dropcloth, opened the easel, choose a canvas, pulled out the acrylics and began. It will be a picture for the South wall. Right now it is no more than an orange, yellowish, slightly red though mostly orange background. The acrylics in my dad’s box only had a cadmium red light and I need blood red, too, to complete it. It felt so good to be mixing acrylics again. šŸ™‚

I thought I knew where my acrylics were, as in which box I packed them in. Ha! Nope! I will hunt this week.

Then I did my IP exercise. Grounding was faster, and beginning was faster. It is coming along, small steps of progress with speed and brightness with each doing. Trying to run the circle while simultaneously running the lines is short-lived though before one parts quits or the other takes over, whichever way you choose to look at it. Improvement in focus or technique or openness or something or all I can see. Go me!

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