The mom Song (I can hear myself in this)

7 comments on “The mom Song (I can hear myself in this)

  1. Why??

    Because I said so!

    But Why???

    Because I said so!!


    Yup – that would be my childhood.

    • I didn’t see a smack in the video?? Did I miss it?

      I thought it was funny. 😦

      • It was hilarious!! I loved the video. It is just that the version I grew up with usually had the smack about the third time I asked “WHY!!??”

        There were three of us and we heard “Don’t make me come down there!!” alot. I only had one, I can’t imagine having more kids then that.

      • Ok, good at the hilarious. I was worried it triggered abuse memories.

  2. Not only did I see myself in that, but I saw my mom too. LOL

    What was really bad was Anna, my 9 year old, watched it with me and made sure she pointed out all of the things I say or do as we watched it. XD Her favorite part was the ‘it must be your father’s DNA’. I admit when they do something stupid I joke they get that from their dad. LOL

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