I think I’m finally making a dent

I’ve been sorting, sifting, boxing and moving various items around my mum’s (someday I’ll learn to call it my) house. It is starting to look like “progress”. My daughter and I are supposed to start painting the little room tomorrow. The “little room” is the smallest bedroom that I picked for my altar and work room. I bought the paint and all the accessories needed to paint it. I didn’t however get the room finished being cleaned out. HAHAHAHA. Well, she can help me finish that. We’re supposedly getting freezing rain until noon so that makes a late start. Well, late for me, early for her. We not actually get even one wall painted tomorrow.

Anyhow, I rearranged the living room furniture. I now know why the neurosurgeon said “don’t move furniture”. Damn my neck and back hurt. I did solicit my son’s help after he got over there. I smartened up though and left the boxes of books in the doorway. The living room looks much cozier now. I created a “reading spot” in the one end. Moved her chairs, brought down two bookcases, added some lighting. Pulled out the ottoman that my great-grandmother (or great-great-grandmother, I am always unclear about her) stiched/created, the upholstered top of – it is material that she handcrafted and she put a pattern into it. I’m not certain what you call that. The reading area looks warm and inviting. It just needs a couple of candles and maybe a blanket. If there was a fireplace …. but there is not.

I have boxes close to mailing capacity. Well, one for my brother, one for my sister. Two more that just need newer boxes that will travel without breaking as the current ones are old that my mum packed up for them years ago, but they never took home with them. I need to add some things to the box for my older niece.

I vacuumed everywhere downstairs and told my son he needs to at least clean the rooms he’s using because I cannot keep up with 2 houses. My mum’s cat sheds like no cat I have *ever* met. I thought Ringo shed a lot and he has nothing on Angel.

I found some Old English brand sratch and nick cover oil and made 2 bookcases look excellent. That was a plus! A lot of the wood furniture needs a good cleaning. Once you hit 75, then add cancer .. well, things get left undone. As I was cleaning and dusting I was wondering just how tidy the house will be when I am 75, 30 years from now.

I think once we get the altar room painted and I buy an area rug and move a few things in there, it will seem like it is mine and it will be the beginning of feeling like home, rather than only my mum’s home. It was my home from age 3 until I moved out, but once I had my own home it felt like my childhood home, then my parent’s home, then my mum’s home. It always felt “sorta” like mine, but only in the kid’s view kind of way. My current house still has the “Ah, welcome back” ambience to it. I need to create that over there, too. Then as I slowly move things over there, I think this house will lose that.

I have 2 years. My youngest is a sophomore in HS and we won’t be moving before graduation. I think it will take all of that time to spiff up her house and get this one ready to sell.

There is progress though. Real rogress. Up until today it seemed I was making more of a mess than anything. It is like though when you’re shifting things around – every damn thing gets pulled out to be sorted, etc. and it looks like crap while you’re doing it. So, much looks like crap – ha! – but some no longer does. 🙂

6 comments on “I think I’m finally making a dent

  1. I’ve been here almost 2 years, and it is still my “Grandma’s house.” 🙂 Although it is my home, it is still her house. LOL

    • Point taken, and an important one. My mum’s house feels like home, but not “adult home”. I expect it will …. eventually. 🙂

      • It will. Trust me on this one. Remember, I lived with my grandparents and grew up in this house. All of the “stuff” with which you are afraid to part, remember – you will always have your memories. Pick the most treasured “things” and keep the rest in your heart. That way you can blend herhouse and your stuff and truly make it a magical home.

        I’ve kept maybe only a dozen things from my grandmother, but each has its own magic. The little nightstand of hers you have now, she probably had for as long as I am old. May it add a sparkle of her into your household.

        Bright blessings to you my sister.

        HUGS YOU MUCHLY. You are an amazing lady.

        I miss you, girlfriend.

      • I will have more than a dozen of her things ’cause she has better furniture! Ha! It is a big enough house, but I’m trying not to overwhelm the poor thing by keeping “absolutely everything, omgs, it belonged to them how can I part with it???”. That was the beginning. Samantha is helpful. like today, when I looked at the fountain no longer used in the one closet. Says me, “I thought I should keep it in case anyoe wanted it.” (Kinda true, but I didn’t know how to pitch it.) Samantha says, “You’ve got two more. I think you can throw it away.” hahaha. I so love that girl. She was right and away it went. I may need her to help sort more.

        I love your grandmother’s table. I keep reworking my altar and working room in my head with respect to furniture placement. That table is going in there, somewhere, somehow. I actually think I know where, but I am way ahead of my time line for putting that room together in my head. Some things I can get and move over there, but others I need within easy reach until close to when we move. 🙂

        Lovely Dave, thinking ahead, would prefer us be moved out a few months ahead of putting it up for sale so he can paint the place unobstructed. I told him trying to sell a vacant house is much harder than one being lived in. “Well”, he said, “you can leave the stuff we aren’t taking with us.” Yeah, those whole 3 things, uh-huh. LOL He is just going to have paint around items. Half of the stuff will be gone anyway since cluttered doesn’t sell well, either. Or, he can spend a month painting after we move and take the hit on the selling price. By that time I shan’t much care, anyway, unless the hit is to the tune of $20,000!

        ~hugs you back, tighter~

        I miss you, too. Lots.

  2. That’s how I clean. Sift and sort, then put away. It takes for bloody ever, but I think it is worth it in the end. I get all nostalgic when I do a big clean.

    These days I only really get to do that when we are packing to move (or unpacking after a move).


    • It does take forever. Especially since I’d like to just dump it all willy-nilly into a bunch of boxes, stuff them in the closets, and deal with at sometime in the future.

      Then when I wanted something I saw I’d have to dig through 30 boxes, and be pissed. Ha! So, I’m doing the sensible (harder) way and proud of myself that I’ve only got one “dump” box so far and it isn’t labelled so it isn’t staying that way.

      But, geez! I have to do the same thing in this house, too, after I get all of that one done. ~feels exhausted at just the thought~

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