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Candles, energy, healing magic, incense, virigins in volcanos – for my mum, please

My daughter says she will never go to a doctor on Thursdays – Thursdays are now bad for doctors in her mind. Last Thursday I got my diagnosis. This Thursday I was supposed to get my MRI, but did not because I canceled it until next Thursday (oops – bad move). My mum has been […]

Yanked from author elfwreck — Llewiccan RedeCode

Posted to my flist for those who didn’t get to read it, why yes, musiquephan, this mean you! Llewiccan RedeCode 1. All paths are valid, except the ones that have rules. 2. Wiccans never use curses, except on really mean people who totally deserve it. 3. The Threefold Law affects everyone, whether they believe in […]